Brincadeira as a company traces a parallel path to the percussion group from its beginnings, through various Workshops.

The first results didn't took long to arrive, and in 2005 we began the first Batucada workshop at the Centre Cívic La Bàscula.

Since 2009 we have reached various Schools in Barcelona as an Extracurricular activity. As a result of this we started a work, not only individual, but accompanied by various families, with the aim of creating a playful activity, always using music and movement as the main tool.

In 2016, when the company became professional, a team of workshops instructors was created with the objective of reaching a certain growth as a project, giving Brincadeira a broader meaning and working on social inclusion at the same time through percussion.

In the year 2020, after 15 years of hard work and dedication, we closed the circle, and we can already say that we have our own working method and our EDUCATIONAL PROJECT.

The final objective is to try to achieve a more egalitarian society, since the moment a group of people start to play an instrument together, the language evolves, and the social differences vanish.

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